Putin Reports Positive Dynamics In Ukraine, Army In Chaos In London

The president expresses optimism, while the British Foreign Minister Cleverly, confirming the sending of 14 tanks, paints the opposite picture.

Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin told state television Rossiya 1 that the so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine was showing “a positive dynamic” and that he hoped Russian soldiers would get further advances after Soledar. “Everything is proceeding according to the plans of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff”, he added, “and I hope that our fighters will give us further satisfaction”. Putin also stated that “the economy is stable, it is much better than what our opponents predicted, unemployment is at an all-time low, inflation is lower than expected”.

Today Editorial Publication

In contrast to this information, the editorial published today in the Sunday edition of the British tabloid The Sun by the United Kingdom Foreign Minister James Cleverly: “Now is not the time to step back or take your foot off the pedal. On the contrary, it is time to accelerate in giving Ukraine the support it needs. Today the Russian army is on the defensive. Morale is low. The immense human cost. A large number of vehicles and weapon systems have been destroyed. There is a shortage of precision weapons, a lack of supplies because military logistics are in chaos. And Putin has once again replaced the general in charge of his failed campaign.

For Cleverly “this is exactly the right moment for Ukraine to take advantage of the advantage. That is why Great Britain has decided to accelerate and increase military support”, deciding to supply “up to 14 Challenger 2 tanks”. The details of this new dispatch will be confirmed tomorrow in the House of Commons by the Defense Minister.

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