Shift To Digital Gaming Dominates UK Market

The preferred format for decades continues to decline and on the way to becoming a niche product.

The arrival of the digital format in video games heralded a change that we thought was gradual but that was accelerated by the pandemic. Today, it is very easy to acquire a digital title, you just have to open the online store, carry out the operation and that’s it. Despite this, the physical format remains current, but it is a reality that fewer copies are sold as time goes by and what happens in the large markets will always be indicative of the direction the industry will take.

The Physical Format Continues to Fall in The Main Markets

A recent report from the Digital Entertainment and Retail Association (ERA) of the United Kingdom (via BBC), shared information about the video game market during 2022. Initially there is good news for the industry in this commercial region because for the 11th consecutive year, gaming surpassed the film, TV, and music industry, confirming that it has become the public’s favorite form of entertainment in recent years.

However, then comes an estimated figure that accounts for the change that the industry is experiencing and that is that during 2022, 89.5% of the video games that were sold in the United Kingdom were digital, leaving the rest in physical format, that is, the proportion is that 9 out of 10 video games sold are in digital format.

The New Generations Are Not Attracted by The Physical Format, They Prefer The Immediateness of The Digital

The ERA considers that the current generations do not have much interest in going to a store that sells physical games and something to consider is that they do not seem to have it by ordering online, so what attracts them the most is the immediacy with which it is You can buy a title digitally, whether it’s for console, PC or mobile.

In this regard, it is pointed out that unlike what happened with the sales of records or cartridges, it is more difficult to keep track of digital sales since the main platforms are very careful and discreet with their information and in many cases they only refer to mentioning which games were the best sellers without offering figures.

Recently, a Newzoo report revealed that 94% of the total revenue of the video game industry during 2022 came from purchases and operations on platforms and with digital formats, while in the console sector 7 out of 10 games sold worldwide world are also digital.

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