Moroccogate: Francesco Giorgi threatened Moroccan Activist

He was working hard and boldly for Morocco

MoroccoGate is another “lobbying” scandal that took place in the European Parliament where a network reportedly consisting of Antonio panzeri, Eva Kaili’s husband, Francesco Giorgi and others was taking money from the Moroccan state in order to block negative resolutions in the European Parliament. Francesco Giorgi played a key role in the new scandal, as he allegedly spoke hostilely and even threateningly towards the Moroccan activist, Noureddine Anderbal..

According to Greek Media Giorgi was also in direct contact with Morroco and their Officials in Europe. He was working around the clock to ensure Morocco is completely protected where he had no problem in even damaging the career of his wife.

The threats from Giorgi, according to Alpha TV, began when Anderbal wanted to approach Panczeri to promote the award of a jailed Moroccan human rights activist. As it is reported, the former Italian MEP could not be approached by anyone without first getting approval from Eva Kaili’s partner. He himself, in the communication they had, instead of understanding, “felt” more threatened.

“His job is to defend human rights, but in this case, Georgi and Pancheri, however, were telling us that we should not falsely target Morocco, because this will not do us any good and the politicians in Morocco will be annoyed,” said the activist, who added that he perceived Giorgi’s words as a threat, if they continue to promote the award of the imprisoned Moroccan, they will achieve nothing. He appreciated the fact that what Georgie told him was quite naïve at the time, but now with the revelation of the scandal, everything makes sense to him and why he did it.

Giorgi’s aggressive advice

In particular, the activist was in contact with Francesco Giorgi, where he advised him that Morocco should not provocate with his statements, as this would secure his support next year. As he himself stated on the “Alpha” television station, Giorgi did not care about supporting human rights and spoke more “a representative of the Moroccan Government”.

In particular, he said that Giorgi was talking to them very strangely, which made activists think they were talking to a Moroccan politician, rather than a defender of human rights and human values.


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