Louvre Imposes Daily Limit Of 30,000 Visitors To Improve Visitor Experience

The Parisian museum for years has been fighting against episodes of overcrowding. The decision of the closed number is a measure taken both to make the visit to the museum more comfortable and to ensure better working conditions for museum staff.

Louvre of Paris

The Louvre of Paris confirmed itself in 2022 one of the most popular museums in the world, with its 7.8 million visitors, marking a significant 170% increase compared to 2021, but also a 19% reduction compared to 2019.

Among the visitors of last year, most of them are foreign tourists, who have resumed traveling after the pandemic, mostly American (which rise to 18% of the total) and European (27% coming from the United Kingdom, Germany, from ‘Italy and Spain).

A combination of positive figures, which, however, if analyzed more in detail, reveal that the presences have drastically decreased by about 24% compared to 2018, when the museum reached a historical record of over 10 million entrances.

But, the drop in visitors is not always necessarily synonymous with bad news. Daily, the entry of the Parisian museum is crowded with visitors, and in recent years it has been struggling with serious overcrowding problems, with the risk that the visiting experience will become uncomfortable.

Laurence des Cars, the Louvre director, announced through a press release that the number of daily entrances to the museum will be limited to about a third, or to 30,000 visitors, an average around which the usual attendance revolves today. Before the pandemic, during his most crowded days, the Louvre attracted up to 45,000 people a day, as reported in the newspaper The Art Newspaper.

Announcement Issued by The Museum

As can be read from the announcement issued by the museum diet, the number closed to visits is a measure imposed both “to counter the episodes of overcrowding, and to make the visit to the museum more comfortable and finally guarantee better working conditions for operators Museums “.

The easier task will make the practices now consolidated during the pandemic, such as online booking, which allows you to have a more varied influx of visits during the course of the day. In addition, the museum’s closing time will be extended, no more at 18:00, but at 19:00 in one day, to attract more local visitors. The Louvre, which today has 2000 employees, has promised to also hire 90 more employees, precisely to carry on this initiative. There will also be an increase in the endowment by the state of 84 million euros in 2022 to 93 million euros in 2023, above all to help the museum to face energy costs.

Finally, another goal will be to open a fourth access on the East side, in addition to the current three, the entry from the pyramid and the two access by the carousel and the passage Richelieu.

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