Spain Defies Security Measures To Sell Harry’s Controversial Book

The official publication date had been set for January 10, but ‘In the shadow’ you could buy today in several bookstores in our country.

‘In the shadow’ (Plaza & Janés), the controversial memories of Prince Harry, has gone on sale today in several Spanish bookstores five days before its official launch, scheduled for January 10.

The editorial had stipulated strict measures to keep the content secret until that date to safeguard the success of autobiography. However, several media and news agencies, such as AFP, ‘The Sun’ or ‘Daily Mail’ have managed Anglo -Saxon.

A publishing house spokesman, based in Barcelona and belonging to Penguin Random House, has declared Reuters that “a very clear launch protocol had been established that all customers were informed so that the book was not marketed before that date . Everything indicates that some customers have breached their commitment to the publishing house and put the book for sale before the agreed date ».

Statement From Publishing House

Later, the publishing house sent a statement: «Given the news that the sale in Spain of the memoirs of Prince Harry, in the shadow, Penguin Random House Editorial had advanced wants to clarify that the expected date of publication is maintained. The editorial established a very clear launch protocol and the prohibition of marketing the book before January 10 was informed. Upon receiving the information that in some cases this commitment contracted to the publisher had been breached, we wanted to remind all our clients and the media the official date ».

This event occurs just after the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ today published a filtration of ‘In the Shadow’, which has already caused a real stir. In one of the most explosive passages, the little son of King Carlos III and the missing Diana de Wales details how his brother Guillermo came to physically assault him after a heated discussion that both kept around Meghan Markle.

In the United Kingdom, the rigorous rules for no bookstore to advance to its publication have been compared to those established for the launch of Harry Potter’s books. Interestingly, in 2004 there was a similar event in our country with the fifth installment of the Magician saga created by J. K. Rowling.

‘The order of the Phoenix’ was on sale at a Madrid bookstore two days before its launch in Latin America and Spain. The work had already been published in London in June 2003 and had raised great expectation in our country, so even pirate web pages were created, with “free” translations, but they were closed as soon as it came to the editorial.

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