Scots dad planned dream Route 66 trip for his 50th birthday before he was murdered by crazed neighbour

The 48-year-old was to go on the famed Chicago-to-LA tour this summer with wife Angela, 50, stepdaughter Demi and son-in-law Lee for his 50th birthday.

But the family, of Airdrie, Lanarkshire, will never celebrate the milestone after Dave was brutally knifed in the neck by next door neighbour Jorgo Pano, 44, last March.

And it has emerged that Dave’s heartbroken father Alan passed away just months after his son’s murder after being overwhelmed by grief.

Pano was caged for at least 16 years for murder at the High Court in Glasgow last Friday over the sickening attack sparked by trivial parking and planning disputes.

Stevie Traynor, 50, a close family friend of the Newtons, said: “He’s taken so much away from David.

“There were plans being made for his 50th birthday that they were going to go and do Route 66 across America, with Demi and Lee.

“There were so many plans for the future. But everything was so cruelly snatched away.

“It’s an absolutely devastating loss to the family.”

Popular builder Dave had become a grandfather a couple of years ago after his son Josh welcomed little Archie into the world.

Mr Traynor said he was been due to become a grandfather for the second time, adding: “And now there’s a new grandchild on the way, Demi’s pregnant.”

Dave’s family think his murder contributed to the death of his father Alan as the pair were “extremely, extremely close”, he added.

Mr Traynor went on: “David’s father Alan was absolutely devastated and the family think it played a major part in his demise.

“On the morning of his death, David sat at the breakfast table with his father, son and grandson for the first time in over a year because of Covid.

“Just a matter of hours later it was all finished. Alan was heartbroken to his end.”


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