Request for the establishment of a “Rebuild Ukraine Fund” with the use of assets frozen as a result of the sanctions adopted by the EU against Russian individuals

During the last two weeks, Member of the European Parliament Vlad Gheorghe (USR, Romania) has launched a series of initiatives in order to help Ukrainians to survive and counteract Russian aggression. He launched a group of volunteers who successfully help Ukrainian refugees to find transport, shelter, humanitarian aid and food in Romania.

Apart from that, he concentrated his efforts on coordinated border policy, in order to avoid situations like in Hajdú-Bihar in Hungary where the refugees were stopped at the border. He also called for a team of international experts, with the participation of the International Atomic Energy Agency, to guarantee the monitoring and safety of Chernobyl nuclear plant which was overtaken by Russian troops.

One of his latest initiatives aims to bring justice to Ukrainians by financing their humanitarian and military needs with the use of Rebuild Ukraine Fund – a fund partially alimented by the recovered frozen assets which belong to Russian oligarchs and individuals belonging to Putin’s inner circle sanctioned as a result of Russia’s invasion in Ukraine. Primarily it would serve the rebuilding of Ukrainian infrastructure and economy, heavily damaged by Russian invasion. In the opinion of Mr Gheorghe, EU should channel the sanctioned assets to finance Ukraine in this period when it makes every effort to fight for its independency, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Here below is the letter Mr Gheorghe forwarded to Ursula von der Leyen two days ago. He expects a rapid consideration of this initiative by the Commission.


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