Northern Ireland to be hit with gales and heavy rain as UK set to be battered by 60mph winds

Northern Ireland will be hit with heavy rain and gales – particularly in southern areas – on Thursday.

The Met Office has issued a forecast of spells of rain, which will be heavy at times and will hit south Down.

Over the next two days the UK will be battered by torrential rain and 60mph winds ahead of another weekend washout for much of the British Isles.

The heaviest rainfall will hit Northern Ireland, southern Scotland, northwest Wales and northern England – with up to 70mm expected in places.

Strong winds will also batter Northern Ireland from the south-east, while gales will make their way over eastern coasts and high ground.

The maximum temperature will have a cooler feel at 12 °C.

While the soggy weather is set to continue for most of the mainland UK on Friday and over the weekend, the forecast here is a little more positive.

The weekend will begin with cloudy and patchy rain on Friday morning before making way for brighter spells and a few showers across Northern Ireland.

Saturday will bring sunny spells and scattered showers, which will fall again on Sunday.

Reflecting on the forecast for the whole of the UK, chief meteorologist Dan Suri said: “The low pressure system moving in from the west is going to bring some heavy rain across much of the UK from Thursday and into Friday.

“With wind looking to be strongest in southern coastal areas, including south Wales, there’s a chance of some disruption to travel plans and potential damage to temporary structures, such as tents and marquees.”

Despite unsettled conditions continuing through the weekend, there is a sign of drier conditions to come from next Tuesday, with some indications of temperatures starting to climb towards more typical figures for the time of year, the Met Office added.

This spell of weather will likely keep nights cooler than the long-term average, but warmer days compared to what we’ve seen recently.

Dan continued: “There are some glimmers of hope in the forecast into next week, with more settled weather possible from Tuesday. In areas of prolonged sunshine, we should be seeing some quite pleasant conditions, but night temperatures will continue to stay stubbornly low.”

More than a month’s worth of rain has already seen a May ‘wash-out’ for much of the UK in the past two weeks – just as the lockdown rules started to be eased.


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