Lanarkshire drink driver who left pregnant woman with several horrific injuries after smash facing jail

Mr Frew swerved to avoid a collision but MacIver drove into his path causing both vehicles to spin across the road in Bellshill, Lanarkshire.

The impact knocked Mr Frew’s front seat passenger Jessica Aitken, who was 17-weeks pregnant, unconscious.

Horrified witnesses and other motorists rushed to help in the aftermath and called the emergency services.

Sozzled MacIver was found slumped in his Vauxhall Astra car and when asked if he had been drinking replied “Aye and what?”.

Miss Aitken suffered a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain, a broken jaw, a broken rib, ligament damage and was kept in hospital for almost three weeks.

She still suffers pain, short term memory loss and requires physical and mental therapy.

The baby was fortunately unharmed as a result of the crash.

MacIver of Caldercruix, Lanarkshire, was found to have 143 milligrammes (mg) of alcohol in 100ml of blood, with the legal limit just 50mg.

He appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court and admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving and driving over the limit in July 2019.

Depute fiscal Jennifer Cunningham said: “The witness Frew was heading southbound on North Road in Bellshill when he was confronted by the accused’s Vauxhall Astra driving on the wrong side of the road with no lights on.

“He attempted to take evasive action by braking and swerving but at the last minute the accused became aware of the car and swerved to the left resulting in both vehicles coming together in the centre of the road.

“The witness Frew was uninjured but the witness Aitken appeared to be unconscious with blood coming from her nose and mouth.

“Witnesses observed the accused to be drifting in and out of consciousness and when asked for his name, he replied ‘who’s asking?’

“The witness explained the incident and that he was on the phone to 999 to which the accused sarcastically replied ‘oh have I?’

“The witness thereafter asked the accused if he had been drinking and he replied ‘aye and what?'”

Miss Cunningham added: “Police witnesses attended at the locus and the accused had been moved from his vehicle and was being treated by ambulance personnel.

“They noted his details and he confirmed he was the driver of the Astra. Both constables noted he was smelling strongly of alcohol and was obviously impaired.

“They required him to provide a specimen of breath which proved positive.”

Sheriff Colin Dunipace deferred sentence on shamed MacIver for reports until June and continued bail.

He was also banned from driving.


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