Alexander Zverev will finally get Roger Federer wish after weeks of complaints

Alexander Zverev has complained about his world ranking over recent weeks as he feels it is unfair that he sits behind Roger Federer in the standings. The ATP temporarily revamped their system because of coronavirus, meaning points accumulated over the past 24 months count, rather than the traditional 12 months.

It means Zverev sits seventh in the standings, despite reaching the US Open final and Australian Open semi-finals.

In contrast, Federer has spent a year sidelined with a knee injury but he remains at No 6.

Zverev kicked off because the Swiss star is higher than him under the current regulations.

But the German will move above Federer on Monday because the 39-year-old is not competing at the Miami Open.

Federer won the Masters event in 2019 so he will have 1000 ATP points removed from his tally when the rankings are recalculated.

Zverev had the chance to rise higher than sixth in the standings but he lost to Finnish youngster Emil Ruusuvuori in second round in Miami.

It was last week that Zverev first complained about the 20-time Grand Slam winner.

“I am the biggest Roger Federer fan, but he has not played for a year and is ranked higher than me,” he said.

“I played a Grand Slam final, a Masters 1000 final. The system is just a disaster.”

Ahead of the Miami Open, the 23-year-old added: “I know what I would change, but it doesn’t really matter because I’m not the one deciding.

“The ATP or whoever is in charge, I don’t think they really completely care about my opinion, to be honest.

“No offense to anyone, but I think there’s other players that they might listen to more, they might listen to their opinions more because they are just greater champions and they deserve to be listened to more.”

Zverev then asked the Miami Open press conference room if he should be ranked above Federer.

“I could ask you guys this back. Do you think I should be seven in the world with how I recently played?” he said.

“You think I should have not moved one spot up maybe? Maybe one spot, two spots, three spots?

“There should be some movement otherwise the rankings are just the same kind of. It’s very difficult to surpass someone.”


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