Glasgow Barras market trader who made more than £1m selling fake designer gear ordered to pay back over £16,000

Tarique Ali, 66, was caught flogging counterfeit Nike and Ralph Lauren goods at Glasgow’s Barras market in October 2009.

He was previously found guilty of being involved in the supply of counterfeit goods in April 2013 and ordered to pay back just £1, but now he has to pay back thousands more.

Prosecutors said Ali earned £1,323,580 from the illegal business.

Ali, of the city’s Pollokshields area, was admonished at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

He was the subject of a Proceeds of Crime probe and ordered to pay just £1 under proceeds of crime.

However the Crown were told they could apply for more of the illicit money back if Ali’s financial situation changed.

The confiscation order was updated in September 2015 to £1,479.48, which was paid in full.

Ali was not present at a court hearing today as he was ordered to pay a further £16,722.11.

Ali’s Vauxhall Vivaro and Peugeot 207 cars also have a combined reasonable value of £1,115.

His lawyer, Neil McCulloch, told the court: “The money recovered by the Crown is inheritable property.”

Sheriff Paul Crozier ordered the cash to be paid back within the next six months.


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