Nordstrom ad for $740 gloves red satin jacket mocked online: ‘like something from a horror film’

A $740 red satin bolero jacket complete with attached gloves for sale on Nordstrom has gone viral after it was compared to something from a nightmare.

The jacket, listed on Nordstrom’s website as the “Gloved Double Satin Bolero,” was designed by Belgian designer Meryll Rogge, with the garment’s description reading: “Saturated in a head-turning red hue, this double-satin bolero fitted with lambskin-leather gloves evokes the golden era of Hollywood.”

But, in addition to the expensive price tag, the decision to model the jacket with a long mint-green dress, has prompted a range of amused reactions from people on social media, who have described the look as everything from a “murder dress” to something one would wear to cook a turkey.

“Is it just me or does the model in this Nordstrom ad look a little like she’s just made a man in seven days and she’s ready to show him off to the Transylvanian convention,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another said: “FINALLY. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking for an evening gown that I can still do the dishes in.”

The retailer’s targeted ads for the bolero coupled with its unique pairing also prompted numerous people to leave reviews for the item on Nordstrom’s website, which have since been deleted but reposted on Twitter.

“The teal colour is so beautiful and such a nice contrast with the red gloves,” one review read, according to a screenshot. “I fretted on what to wear for my annual fall soiree as our highland cow was due to give birth at any moment.

While the reaction to the garment may not have been what the designer had in mind, Rogge told Insider that she has enjoyed all the amusing comments about the bolero.

“Our warmest thanks for all of your witty comments and to everyone defending our love of fashion out there – thank you!” Rogge told the outlet. “We’re happy our object inspired all this creative writing. We are aware this item is not accessible for a lot of people, but firmly believe our collection is here for everyone to enjoy!”


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