Retired inspector accused of murdering wife ‘heard noise’ before finding her

A retired police inspector accused of murdering his wife in Aberdeen stated he heard a noise while in the shower before finding her lying in their bedroom, a court had heard.

Keith Farquharson, 60, made the claim to his son-in-law and a paramedic who tried to save the life of Alice Farquharson, 56, in August last year.

He denies murdering his wife, who was a school pupil support assistant.

The evidence was heard at the start of a trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

Mr Farquharson was described as later being in a "state of emotional shock" when his wife died at the couple's home in Angusfield Avenue.

The charge alleges he seized hold of his wife, struggled with her before compressing her neck and face.

'Very upset'

It is further claimed he left her unconscious after restricting her breathing by covering her nose and mouth.

He is then said to have caused blunt force injury by means unknown.

Mr Farquharson's police officer son-in-law Neil Fraser gave evidence.

Mr Fraser was on a shift when he got a phone call from Mr Farquharson at about 07:10 on 29 August last year.

He was said to have told the 28-year-old that Mrs Farquharson had died.

Mr Fraser recalled being "very upset" and was immediately driven by a colleague to the scene.

He could initially see Mr Farquharson with ambulance staff.

Mr Farquharson was said to be "very distraught".

Prosecutor Alex Prentice QC said to the witness: "Did you ask what had happened?"

Mr Fraser said: "He basically explained that he had been in the shower, heard a thud and, as he came out, Alice was lying half on, half off the bed.

"He said he pulled her off and she hit her face off the bedside cabinet.

"He said he had performed CPR while on the phone to the ambulance."

'Very irate'

Paramedic Laura Steven told jurors that she treated Mrs Farquharson after a 999 call was made.

She recalled Mr Farquharson being "very agitated" and then finding Mrs Farquharson – who was wearing a nightdress – lying on the floor of a bedroom.

She said: "I could identify that she was in cardiac arrest and was not breathing."

She also tried to quiz Mr Farquharson on what had happened.

The witness told the trial: "He said that he had gone for a shower, heard a clatter then found her like that."

The medics tried to help Mrs Farquharson for 30 minutes before eventually pronouncing her dead.

Mr Prentice asked Miss Steven: "How was Mr Farquharson's demeanour?"

She replied: "Very irate, hyperventilating. I had concerns for his welfare because of how irate he was.Read More – Source

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