Company Is Offering You $1000 To Drink Coffee For A Month

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Its morning – youre awake, but running on fumes. The lights are on, but no-ones at home. In a blur of crabbiness, you stumble towards the cure of your daybreak blues. With a yawn, you utter the words: Large latte please.

Coffee is the lifeblood of billions of people. Without that jolt of black nectar – whether you take it straight-up or mixed with all sorts of delicious, sugary syrups – many will operate on a reduced scale of cognition.

If youre a disciple of the coffee church and a Starbucks addict, have a dream opportunity.

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They are offering caffeine-lovers the chance to taste-test coffee for a month, for the sum of $1,000.

It wont be your big chains like Costa and Starbucks though. The idea behind the initiative is for the candidate to ditch corporate coffee joints for a full month and frequent locally owned coffee shops instead.

According to, a whopping 82% of businesses that fail go under because of cash flow problems. As small business advocates, their taste-tester plan is intended to raise awareness of local, tasty coffee establishments across the US.

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It wont be a simple case of just drinking a few cups of coffee. Youll have to visit at least eight locally owned coffee shops over the course of a month, take pictures of your beverages and write short summaries of your experiences while adequately sharing them on social media.

Youll also be required to tracking and compare the cost, benefits, and potential setbacks of switching from the mega-franchise life to local shops.

The perks of the job are obvious: you can, in theory, drink as much coffee as you desire. You also wont have any specific office hours, so you can go anywhere, anytime – you just have to make sure you log your experience each day.


Theres no drug or background checks either: all theyre looking for is a coffee lover with the means to switch to local establishments and document their thoughts.

Business.orgs website outlines that upon hiring, youll be paid 25% of the payment (so $250), and the rest will be paid when the job is completed.

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