New Republic Pulls “Inappropriate and Invasive” Op-Ed About Pete Buttigieg

The New Republic has retracted a homophobic op-ed about Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

The piece title “My Mayor Pete Problem” was written by openly gay literary critic Dale Peck, and drew condemnation immediately after it was published on the magazines website Friday.

In his op-ed, Peck described the South Bend, Indiana mayor as “the gay equivalent of Uncle Tom,” and referred to him as “Mary Pete.”

According to NBC News, the piece speculated about intimate details of Buttigiegs personal life. It also claimed that because the presidential hopeful waited until he was in his 30s to come out as gay, he would be too preoccupied with sex and drugs to effectively lead the nation.

The left-leaning publication has since pulled the article and replaced it with an editors note.

“Dale Pecks post My Mayor Pete Problem has been removed from the site, in response to criticism of the pieces inappropriate and invasive content. We regret its publication,” the note said.

New Republic editor in chief, Win McCormack, also apologized to ButtigieRead More – Source

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