Archaeologists to excavate Glen Coe ‘lost townships’

Archaeologists are to excavate the sites of three villages in Glen Coe.

The townships of Inverigan, Achnacon and Achtriochtan vanished during the Highland Clearances.

In the 18th and early 19th century communities were moved from their homes, often in forced evictions, to make way for "land improvements".

National Trust for Scotland (NTS), which will lead the archaeological investigation, described the three settlements as "lost" and "forgotten".

In the 1690s, the individual communities were home to as many as 60 people. The sites are now covered in grass, loose stones and heather.

Two replicas of the traditional turf houses once found in the glen are to be constructed as part of the new project.

NTS said the work would also give a "fresh insight" into the Massacre of Glencoe of 13 February 1692.

The massacre resulted in 38 men, women and children of the MacDonald Clan being slaughtered by two companies of soldiers they had welcomed into their homes.

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