Behold the first fashion trend of 2019: Giant backpacks

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(Picture: Plywood)

Finally, a rebellion against the teeny-tiny handbag trend. Being able to take just a phone and our keys on a night out was getting seriously annoying.

Over in Japan people are loving giant backpacks made by CWF.

When we say giant, we dont mean a tad oversized. Were talking backpacks so large they reach your knees.

Naturally, that amount of fabric makes these backpacks a little pricier than your average school bag, retailing for around £190 (thats before the cost of shipping).

Why would someone want a backpack so large?

There are so many reasons.

Giant backpacks picture: plywood METROGRAB

(Picture: Plywood)

CWF advertises the rucksacks as perfect for camping, when you need to transport large bits of equipment, and mentions that they can be used indoors as storage for clothes and other bits and bobs.

We like the idea of being able to get inside our own backpack and hide away from the world for a bit. Thered be enough room for you, a book, a torch, and some snacks. Cosy, right?



The backpacks are also ideal for anyone who cant help carrying around a load of rubbish in their everyday bag (my mum once pulled 13 different pairs of scissors from her handbag), or perhaps someone whos trying to cheat the minimalist system of only having an amount of stuff you can carry in one bag.

Giant backpacks picture: plywood METROGRAB

(Picture: Plywood)

CWF says the bags are designed to be functional as actual backpacks, with details to make sure theyre comfortable. Theres a third middle strap to support the back and shoulders, and padding on the two main straps so you dont get massive indents on your shoulders.

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We still wouldnt recommend carrying around a full giant backpack loaded up with books (think of the strain on your poor back), but if you fancy packing your bag with pillows for impromptu naps, this ones your best option.

As we mentioned, the backpacks have been pretty popular, so right now the sand beige colourway is sold out. But you can still get the bag in olive or black.

Pair with oversized jorts and a massive jumper to truly capture the feeling that youre a tiny mouse trying on a giants clothes. Fun.

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