Street in Scotland renamed ‘Dog Sh*te Lane’ because it’s covered in it


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Street in Scotland renamed 'Dog Sh*te Lane' because it's covered in it
Residents were fed up of dog poo on their road (Picture: Deadline News)

People in Edinburgh were so sick of dog mess littering their street that they renamed a path Dog Shite Lane.

Neighbours in upmarket Shoe, Leith stuck the sign on top of railings after becoming fed up of having to avoid mounds of poo in Sandport Place.

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Stuart Millar, 33, shared a photo of the sign on Twitter saying: ‘Residents in Leith show their displeasure at the state of the path.’

Disgusted social media users replied to the post and voiced their displeasure.

Trevor Wales said: ‘Would be nice to see the council fine these dirty gits. I have two dogs and pick up after them all the time.

‘The amount of time I’ve stood on dogs poo doing so is a joke, when it’s dark etc, or in the undergrowth.’

Another user said: ‘We have a street near us we call shite street.

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‘Disgusting I know, but people drive up and open their car door and let their dog do their business then drive off.’

Mr Millar said: ‘There was quite a bit of shite all along the path on Saturday morning, in various stages of decay, and my wee one had to dodge it at a few points.

‘I was just out for a walk, heading from a play-park next to the water up to a café for a warm drink.

Street in Scotland renamed 'Dog Sh*te Lane' because it's covered in it
The city council has urged people to report incidents (Picture: Google Maps)

‘We walk there fairly regularly, and sometimes feed the ducks and ride bikes. The amount of mess differs at points along the path, but there’s always something there.

‘I can quite understand why someone put the sign up – on Saturday the path near the sign had about four prize turds in a fifty-yard stretch.’

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Transport and Environment Convener at Edinburgh City Council Lesley Macinnes, said: ‘This situation only goes to highlight the frustration dog’s dirt causes to the general public, thanks to inconsiderate behaviour by a small minority of dog owners.

‘We are always working to tackle this issue and our environmental wardens routinely respond to complaints, targeting hotspot areas.

‘Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to catch irresponsible dog owners in the act in order to hand out a fine.

‘I would encourage people to report any incidents of dog fouling on our website so we can respond as quickly as possible.’

In 2016 only 67 fines were issued to Edinburgh residents for allowing their dogs to foul city streets last year despite more than 1,500 complaints being made.

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