Three cheers for this van driver who parked on a roundabout


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Three cheers for this van driver who parked on a roundabout
This is not a parking space (Picture: Mercury)

No, this is now a good idea.

Parking on a roundabout not only leaves you at risk of being driven into by other road-users, but it’s just not the done thing and causes quite a bit of disruption.

Simon Charles took this photo when he spotted the ‘idiot’ who he believes was trying to avoid extortionate parking charges.

He claims motorists had to drive slowly around the roundabout to avoid banging into the grey Toyota MPV as it sat there for over an hour
without a single civil enforcement officer walking by.

Simon, 49, said: ‘It was ridiculous. I’ve seen some bad parking in the past but that really does take it too far.

‘It’s fair enough parking on a yellow line or forgetting to pay for a ticket by accident but this just takes it to a whole new level.

Three cheers for this van driver who parked on a roundabout
It happened in Ramsgate (Picture: Google Maps)

‘The response from others driving or walking past was just shock.

‘It was just bizarre that they managed to go against so many rules of the Highway Code. I just saw it and thought ‘what’s the all about?’

‘It was funny though. It was just one of those things where I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.’

Simon claims that the new rise in parking charges at a newly-built restaurant in the seaside town of Ramsgate, Kent, has caused a backlash from locals and he feels this extreme parking could be a result of that.

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On the marina at Ramsgate, close to where the car is parked, a ticket for one hour costs £4.

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Simon, from Birchington-on-Sea, Kent, said: ‘It was parked there for a considerable amount of time and not a single parking warden went by.

‘It was probably because it was New Year’s Day and the wardens had the day off but I couldn’t believe they were getting away with that.

‘It was last Monday and people go swimming in the sea as a tradition so I don’t know if the driver had parked there then ran to go have a swim.

Couple who complained about meal branded 'riff raff' by staff‘They were brave leaving the car there but they had no ticket that I’m aware of so they seemed to get away with it.

‘There’s actually on-street parking there as well so they had no excuse. And a multi-storey car park just around the corner.

‘It’s the parking charging going up that’s probably caused the problem.’

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