Pack of hunting hounds tear through animal sanctuary scaring ‘traumatised cats’


Pack of hunting hounds tear through animal sanctuary scaring 'traumatised cats'
The East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt on Boxing Day (Picture: Getty Images)

A pack of hunting hounds chased a fox and deer through an animal sanctuary scaring 60 terrified cats having their evening feed.

There are animals still unaccounted for at the Celia Hammond Animal Trust in Hastings as animals ran into nearby woods to escape the hounds on Monday.

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Former model Celia, who runs several sanctuaries in the South East of England, was disgusted with East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt running through her land.

She told the Independent: ‘It looked like a whole pack of hounds had split into two, half of them went after a fox, and half after a deer.

‘And then they were coming into the sanctuary from all different areas – they’ve got their horns, they were in full cry.’

She added: ‘If anything has happened to any of my animals, there will be hell to pay.

‘For this to happen in the place where they’re supposed to be safe – we just feel violated.’

Pack of hunting hounds tear through animal sanctuary scaring 'traumatised cats'
The Celia Hammond Animal Trust sanctuary near Hastings, East Sussex (Picture: Celia Hammond Animal Trust)

Sussex Police attended the sanctuary and helped Celia remove the dogs.

A police spokesman said: ‘We had a call at 4pm on Tuesday 9 January about some hounds which had inadvertently strayed on to a property at Stubb Lane, Brede, near Rye.

‘The hounds were rounded up by the hunt staff with police assistance.

‘The huntmaster apologised to the property owner, and there has been no report of any injury or damage or of any criminal offence being committed.’

Representatives for the East Sussex and Romney Marsh hunt admitted members had found themselves on the sanctuary’s ground. has contacted the hunt for a comment.

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