ASOS is selling some questionable jeans and people are pretty confused


ASOS is selling some questionable jeans and people are pretty confused
(Picture: Asos)

We fell victim to a number of ASOS fashion blunders last year, including the jeans skirt, the zipped crotch-to-bum jeans and the awful, awful corset-on-a-puffer-jacket.

And now, just a week into 2018 and we’ve already been (dis)graced with another.

Introducing: The ragged priest jeans – jeans that are basically held together with some oversized chains.

These jeans are horrendous
(Picture: ASOS)

The jeans look pretty much exactly as we’ve described. They feature a light blue denim cut, and what looks to be a skirt/belt, which connects to two denim trouser legs.

The denim belt/skirt hybrid also sits just above your bum cheeks – meaning you’ll want to wear some super thick knickers if you don’t want to catch a chill.

These jeans cost £75. Yes, £75 to look as though you’ve rushed to make yourself a pair of trousers and run out of fabric.

These jeans are horrendous
(Picture: ASOS)

We’re not impressed.

And it seems the internet isn’t, either – as people have been taking to Twitter to voice their disappointment.

People are pretty sure ASOS is taking the p*ss

Honestly, we’re really hoping Asos is just trolling us and don’t really think people would want to pay 75 quid for two pieces of denim strapped together.

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Either that, or they need to have a word with their designers.

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