Mississippi Woman Hunts, Kills Deer Prior to Celebrating 100th Birthday


Bertha Vickers will be 100 years-old on January 9, but she is spending right now thinking about the doe she shot and looking forward to hunting a buck if she can do so in warmer weather.

Vickers loves the outdoors and has a lifetime of memories from hunting deer, squirrel, quail, and turkey.

Fox News reports that Vickers lives in Morgantown, Mississippi. She was born on January 9, 1918, and says hunting became a regular part of her life during her 66-year marriage. (Her husband, Bert, died from cancer in 2001.)

Vickers told the Clarion Ledger about the location of her most recent hunt, saying, “It’s just over here across the creek about three or four miles. One of my neighbors invited me to come sit in a (shooting) house.”

She said she was sitting, watching, when a deer appeared on the first day, but a dog barked and scared the deer away. She added, “The next evening two came out. They were getting close to where I wanted to shoot. I was sort of shaking until I got ready to shoot. I didn’t think it was all going to go right.”

But Vickers hit a doe, taking it down with a trusty Winchester .243. News of the hunt spread via Facebook and people congratulated her on the kill. She responded by saying, “I don’t know why everybody is making such a big deal about it. If I’d killed a big buck I could see it, but it was just a doe.”

Vickers says the seeds of her hunting passion were sown during the Great Depression. She talked of her family farming and then hunting or fishing to put food on the table once the workday ended.

She said, “We still farmed a little bit. During the depression, we raised our hog meat, but the only time we had beef was when somebody killed one. You might get a roast once in a while. … Hunting and fishing helped put meat on the table. When they got off from farming they hunted. We ate lots of quail back then. … I always fished every chance I got—in the Noxubee River, mostly. I had a neighbor and we fished together. We’d pack a lunch and go. We’d catch stringers of fish.”

Vicker says she wants to shoot a buck but does not tolerate the cold as well as she once did. So she is hoping to hunt a buck warmer weather.

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