Black woman asked midwife ‘is she mine?’ after giving birth to white baby


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Black woman asked midwife 'is she mine?' after giving birth to white baby
It was one in a million chance for Tiara to be born white (Picture: Glen Minikin)

A black woman was so shocked to give birth to a white girl that she asked the midwife ‘is she mine?’

Sophia Blake was stunned when daughter Tiara was born white with blue eyes – despite her family hailing from Jamaica.

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While Tiara’s dad Christopher Perkins, 60 and a retired sales manager, is white, Miss Blake thought their daughter would have features from both sets of parents.

And to make it more complicated, Miss Blake has a daughter, 17-year-old Donchae, from a previous relationship, who is black.

It means many people don’t believe Tiara is her little girl and it has started to cause problems, and it has even left teachers and doctors confused.

Black woman gives birth to white girl
Sophia Blake with her daughter Donchae as a child (Picture: Featureworld)
Black woman gives birth to white girl
Tiara as a baby (Picture: Featureworld)

The marketing executive, from Selly Oak, Birmingham, told the the Mail Online: ‘People simply don’t believe Tiara is my little girl because she looks so completely different.

‘Sometimes she says, ‘Why don’t we look alike mummy?’ I explain she is mixed race but it is very confusing for her.’

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Doctors said the likelihood of Tiara being born white was one million to one because of a dormant white gene in her family.

Miss Blake says her family is ‘very black’, which only adds to her shock at how she could give birth to a white daughter with no features from her black relatives.

She says other mothers at school must think Tiara is adopted – and a GP recently had to check if Miss Blake was a social worker or guardian.

Miss Blake has now decided to speak out to raise awareness that mixed race children can be white or black.

She added: ‘We are both extrovert, independent with a quirky sense of humour. And once people get to know us well they say we are very alike. She is so beautiful and I am just so proud.’

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